Active Balance Pad

Sanctband Active Balance Pad is an essential Stability and Balance training tool made of high magnification foam, combining strength and durability with stylish lightweight functionality. Water resistant and easy to clean, its unique non-slip surface design provides pleasant sensations when training barefoot. The dense thick foam constantly engages deep stabilising muscles in the feet, legs and the core, improving balance, stability, coordination and strength.


    • Ideal for integrating balance and stability training for both sport performance and rehabilitation purposes
    • Increases muscular strength, coordination and endurance, enhancing movement patterns
    • Improves posture by strengthening the core and lower back muscles
    • Lightweight, versatile and portable, usable anytime, anywhere and by anyone
    • Retrain and increase proprioception abilities as physical therapy for ankle or knee injuries and for sport specific conditioning

Dimension: 51cm (L) x 40 cm (W) x 6cm (H)
Available Colour: Black