Active Loop Band

 Sanctband Active (6)

Sanctband Active Loop Bands are made from natural rubber latex material. It is a continuous Loop Band that has a width of 2 inches and a total lay-flat-length of 13 inches. It is an ideal travelling exercise equipment because it is small enough to carry around, extremely lightweight and convenient.

Sanctband Active Loop Bands are specially formulated for a linear increase in resistance when stretched. It is available in six (6) colour coded resistance levels. The Loop Bands is ideal for both upper and lower body exercises, designed to increase strength and condition the core muscles, it can be used in a wide variety of applications. Ideal for sports performance, high intensity interval training and bootcamps.

Active Loop Band Pull Force Chart


 Active Loop 13 - Pink Active Loop 13 - Amber  Active Loop 13 - Purple
 Pink (Light) 0.50mm thickness   Amber (Medium) 0.70mm thickness   Purple (Heavy) 0.90mm thickness
 Active Loop 13 - Teal  Active Loop 13 - Violet  Active Loop 13 - Gray
Teal (Extra Heavy) 1.50mm thickness Violet (Super Heavy) 2.00mm thickness Gray (Extreme Heavy) 2.50mm thickness