Active Spider Cord

 Sanctband Active Spidercord (1)

Sanctband Active Spidercord is designed with four loops, developed with Multi-Dipped Tubes, secured by a sturdy PVC centre piece. The Multi-Dipped Tube is a proprietary technology involving the delicate process of multiple dips on each tube formation. This ensures consistent product dimensions, colour vibrancy, specification safety and increased durability.

Sanctband Active Spidercord is a versatile piece of exercise equipment. It enables the strengthening of the user’s core muscles whilst strengthening and conditioning muscle groups in our upper and lower body through its specially designed multi-directional resistance.

There are endless variations of dynamic and isometric training made possible with Sanctband Active Spidercord, making it a must have for functional training and rehabilitation.
This innovative product comes in two (2) colour-coded resistance levels.

 Spidercord amber Spidercord purple
 Amber (Medium) 1.5mm thickness    Purple (Heavy) 1.8mm thickness