CompreFloss Flossband by Sanctband

The Flossing Technique

A unique manual rehabilitation approach to achieve levels of improvement in functional movement.

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* Release Tight Fascia

* Relieve Myofascial Pain

* Improve Range of Motion

… in just 2 minutes

CompreFloss by Sanctband is a Comprehensive Set of Flossbands offering four (4) different resistance or strength levels. Three (3) widths to treat multiple body areas and two (2) lengths to ensure comprehensive treatment over comprehensive muscle groups and joints.



The different resistance levels allow the generation of specific application levels for a differentiated stimulation of various deep tissue layers, just as it takes into account the different tolerance limits of patients.

Flossing can be used preventively before and after sports. It is also a useful treatment method in physiotherapy. The therapist “flosses”, when pain restricts the movement of the athlete or patient.


Flossing improves the body’s power transmission pathways:  

– it generates more  power in the tissue,  
– improves viscoelasticity
and requires  less energy for mobility  because of axial transmission through the body leading to more efficiency.

Due to the resultant pain relief, patients and athletes are able to move significantly better and faster, without resorting to pain relieving postures.

How does flossing work?

Through various application possibilities, compression is exerted on the muscles by the flossband.  The high fixation pressure enables an inhibitory effect on the pain receptors and underlying layers of fascia and thus loosens up the adhesions and scar tissue.

With active and passive movement of the extremity, muscle group or fascial system on which the band is wrapped, fascial shearing is achieved. When the flossband is released, the fluid or blood stasis (“traffic jam”) is terminated and fresh blood hydrates the tissue (so-called sponge technique). This leads to the relief of different types of pain.

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