Active Resistance Band


Sanctband Active Exercise Band is a natural latex, powder-free resistive exerciser and resistance training device with reduced protein manufactured with our proprietary Sanctech technology. The powder-free and reduced protein nature of the product makes it perfect for users who experience great discomfort with powdered latex bands. Suitable for all fitness levels, it can be incorporated into many exercise regimes. It comes in four (4) vibrant colour-coded resistance levels. Measuring at 2.5 meters, the Sanctband Active Exercise Band is adopted by sports trainers and gyms, for its versatility and effectiveness in performing a wide variety of strength and fitness training exercises

Sanctband Active (2)
Sanctband Active Exercise Bands 2.5m Active Exercise Band Pull Force Chart
2.5m Retail Pack, comes with door anchor
 Sanctband Active Exercise Bands 2.5m - Pink Pg2 Sanctband Active Exercise Bands 2.5m - Amber Pg2
 Pink (Light) 0.20mm thickness  Amber (Medium) 0.25mm thickness
 Sanctband Active Exercise Bands 2.5m - Purple Pg2  Sanctband Active Exercise Bands 2.5m - Teal Pg2
 Purple (Heavy) 0.30mm thickness  Teal (Extra Heavy) 0.40mm thickness