Active Hand Exerciser


Sanctband Active Hand Exercisers are silicon-based, latex-free squeeze balls that are ergonomically designed in an egg shape. It comes in 4 vibrant colours that are coded in accordance to the level of firmness.


Hand Exerciser - Pink Hand Exerciser - Orange
Using Sanctband Active Hand Exercisers can help to lessen pain and rigidity of fingers and hands, relieve sore arm muscles, and train hand and arm strength. It is commonly used in resistive exercises and therapy for fingers, hand and wrist. Its egg-shaped design increases the effectiveness of these exercises.  Pink (Light)  Amber (Medium)
Sanctband Active Hand Exercisers are recommended for people who participate in sports requiring grip and finger strength, like weight lifters, crossfitters, professional shooters and gamers to train their hands, by doing grip strength exercises.  Hand Exerciser - Teal  Hand Exerciser - Purple
 Teal (Heavy)  Purple (Extra Heavy)