Active Foam Roller

Sanctband Active EVA Foam Roller is a powerful and effective self-massage / self-myofascial release tool. Regular use can optimise athletic performance, speed recovery and also combat the negative effects of prolonged sitting in modern lifestyles.

Benefits of using a foam roller:

    • Improves mobility and increases range of motion
    • Used for pre-workout preparation enhances neuromuscular and movement efficiency
    • Used post-workout, aids tissue recovery and reduces muscle soreness
    • Provides optimal length-tension relationships in muscles and helps correct muscle imbalance
    • Reduces trigger point sensitivity and “knots” in muscles
    • Aid relaxation, improve circulation and reduce stress after long work hours or travel

Material: High Density EVA
Firmness: Medium
Colour: Black
Dimensions: 15cm (Diameter) x 30cm (Length)